Critical Employee Issues

Even the most effective Human Resource systems cannot control unexpected incidents that occur with your employees.   Often unpredictable, these situations require your immediate attention and can frequently relate to:

  • Disciplinary –  Misconduct/Gross Misconduct
  • Absence
  • Complaints/Grievances
  • Accidents
  • Medical Issues

NHR is on hand to support you through these critical times.  We provide you with the guidance you need to confidently deal with these situations, we consider your legal obligations and ensure you remain compliant.

Example Case Studies:

A member of staff arrives for work and operates machinery, we suspect they are under the influence of drink or drugs, how do we deal with this immediately……..
The relationship between 2 members of staff has deteriorated, this morning it accelerated to the point of shouting with one threatening the other, we realise this is unacceptable how do we move forward……..

A client commented that she thought a member of my staff was slurring their speech and looking very tired when they turned up to drop off their order.  She was concerned as they drive our company van, how do we approach this situation……

A contentious discussion between one of my Managers and a team member began calmly but ended up with the team member shouting and throwing a punch at the Manager, the situation was caught on our security camera, where do we begin?

One of our Sales Team has been pulled over by the police for using their telephone whilst driving, what are our obligations as their employer?